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Mr.Vaccine Musical Tool p.a.t.p
programerble by A4paper

A bar code becomes a programmer.
It puts into a pocket and can program
in one sheet of paper of A4 size
without a computer anywhere
The pretty head phon stuck.

A4 paper programmer

The vaccine reads, sings or dances a note by the bottom sensor.
Let's compose orchestra of several animals.
If an eye is patted for the vaccine on a score correspondence code, intonation can be memorized and performed or front and rear, right and left rotation can be carried out to a note.
dance of music
number phrase memory
Please teach your sense.
16 part note, a flat, a sharp, a pause, advance,
the right, the left, a front tap, a right tap,
and a left tap are combinable from a whole note.

Of course, execution, addition, elimination,
and preservation (RAM, ROM) can be performed freely.

simple edit method: -- each time -- P sound -- a left eye -- interrupting -- P sound check

PswON [ -- RAM reproduction / -- Note attachment / -- Intonation attachment is performed by turns. / --(arrangement of a dance)-- End / -- RAM reproduction (check of operation) -- ] -- It puts on an "input". -- ROM elimination

ROM addition (reproduction is always possible)

Detail is

please contribute your masterpiece rapidly . contest is held
The pretty head phon was attached with service.

Although it is the intention of Beatles's

The song
of a frog


A note is read and performed so that a bar code may be read.

It is with sufficient relations with accompaniment at two persons.

In practice, it is finely audible.